Daughters of Jerusalem & Sisters of Mercy

Daughters of Jerusalem & Sisters of Mercy

Church of God and Saints of Christ
Temple Beth El - Chief Rabbi Phillip E. McNeil

Prophet William Saunders Crowdy through divine vision established the Daughters of Jerusalem and Sisters of Mercy on June 26, 1898 making this organization one of the oldest women’s organizations in the USA. Before the sororities and other social groups, there were women who were praying for the welfare of others, assisting in distress and aiding suffering humanity. The religious principles of this women’s group set it apart from other groups, “undergirded with a dynamic God consciousness”.

The mission of Daughters of Jerusalem and Sisters of Mercy of “aiding suffering humanity’ was inspired by its Founder Prophet William Saunders Crowdy. In the vision for the Daughters of Jerusalem and Sisters of Mercy, Prophet William Saunders Crowdy named the officers after women in the Bible, holding the officers of the organization to the highest spiritual and moral standards.

Today, the Daughters of Jerusalem and Sisters of Mercy have quorums throughout the United States, Jamaica and Africa.

It Is Our Desire

To foster growth of this religious body by providing a moral compass, and advancing all manner of charitable work to aid suffering humanity.

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If You Enjoyed This…

The Daughters of Jerusalem And Sisters of Mercy is dedicated to the spiritual elevation of its community! We should always be found enlightening and aiding our communities through the work of Prophet William Saunders Crowdy. If you enjoyed your time here today, talk to your local Mother Sarah! Find your place in one of these great historic committees!

If you have any suggestions/requests feel free to contact us: GrandAuxiliary@cogasoc.org.

“That our daughters may be as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace” ~ Psalm 144:12

Grand Auxiliary of the Daughters of Jerusalem and Sisters of Mercy

  • Rabbi Phillip E. McNeil, Chief Rabbi
  • St. Je’syl Crowdy, Grand Rachel
  • St. Edythe D. Caldwell, Grand Leah
  • St. Wanda C. Alexander, Grand Martha
  • St. B. Keturah Phillips, Grand Mary
  • St. Sharon Cunningham, Grand Storehouse Mistress
  • Sister Elder S. Lucille Flippens, Grand Exhorter
  • St. Rhonell D. Stewart, Assistant Grand Martha
  • St. Dynette M. Martin, Assistant Grand Mary
  • Sister Elder Davida Plummer, Assistant Grand Exhorter