Daughters of Jerusalem & Sisters of Mercy

Daughters of Jerusalem & Sisters of Mercy

Church of God and Saints of Christ
Temple Beth El - Chief Rabbi Phillip E. McNeil


Sick Committee

The Sick Committee of the Daughters of Jerusalem and Sisters of Mercy duties include more than visiting the sick and shut-in. It encompasses those that are struggling with issues related to the mind, body and soul.  Well-being is a good or satisfactory state of existence that is attainable by everyone through prayer, mediation and using the gifts that God has provided to health professionals and others. In the spirit of the Power of Wellbeing the Sick Committee in the 21st century should show concern for the weary individual and to help them reach their full potential.

Look-out Committee

It shall be the duty of the Look-out Committee to take note of all visitors (especially visiting ministers) when they arrive in the city and when they depart; to furnish transportation services upon request; to supply information regarding lodging and eating accommodations.

Ways and Means Committee

The Ways and Means Committee promotes fund raising projects for any need that arises within the Local Tabernacle.   Whatever thy hands find to do are the marching orders for this committee. This Committee handles all the business affairs for the Local quorums of the Daughters of Jerusalem and Sisters of Mercy.

Widows and Orphans Committee

Through the Power of Love, the Widows and Orphan Committee provide support to the Widows and Orphans in their Local Tabernacles.   The more we love, the closer we approach the likeness of God. God has a special place in his plan of righteousness and love for widows and orphans. This committee demonstrates time and time again that love makes pain less painful and sorrow less sorrowful.  It is the Widows and Orphans Committee’s joy and privilege to be God’s instrument in loving service and protecting the widows and orphans in our congregation.

Immersion Committee

The Immersion Committee of the Daughters of Jerusalem and Sisters of Mercy is the committee who works with the Local Pastor when a there is an Immersion Ceremony.  Immersion is a symbolic act of cleansing away one’s sins or starting a new way of life. The materials and ritualistic supplies needed for this ceremony is entrusted to the Immersion Committee.  This new life is the whole plan of salvation that Prophet William S. Crowdy gave us. It is comprehensive master plan on how we should not only approach worship but also how we should govern ourselves from day to day.

Pulpit Committee

It shall be the duty of the Pulpit Committee to keep the pulpit clean and presentable; to change the dress of the pulpit according to the season.  In the month Ethanim, trim the bimah in blue and brown. In the month of Sivan, trim the bimah in light blue and white. For the Love Feast, the articles to be used are silver Love Feast set and candle holders, tablecloths  and napkins. They shall be in good order.

Pastor’s Table Committee

The Pastor’s Table Committee shall collect contributions of either money or pounds (articles of food) for the Pastor’s table whenever the Daughters meet.  The Committee shall keep a record of names and contributions made. When the Pastor’s table is set for Sabbath, there shall be fresh linen for the table, as well as silverware, and dishes. All contributions received for the Pastor’s table shall be given to the Pastor.

Pastor’s Clothing Committee

This committee shall promote fund-raising as well as accept contributions from members and friends for the replenishing of the Pastor’s wardrobe, pastoral and personal, when needed.  The Pastor’s wife should be a member of this committee.

Board of Trustees

Guided with the principal of Integrity, the Board of Trustees keeps an accurate record of monies received and how it is spent.  This committee is responsible for auditing the financial records of the Daughters and work closely with the Martha and Mary of the local quorum.

Board of Charity

The Charitable Committee actualizes the essence of the vision of Prophet William S, Crowdy as being the arm of the Church of God and Saint of Christ who aids suffering humanity.  Zeal is the eagerness and excitement about doing a pursuit or task. And the Charitable Committee is ready, willing and able to lend support through encouraging words, providing food, clothing, monetary assistance to aid the poor, ill, and helpless in our communities. This committee also has the responsibility to make contacts with local community agencies to solicit their donations to assist in the humanitarian endeavor of helping the needy.

Storehouse Committee

The Storehouse Committee works closely with the Storehouse Mistress to receive all charitable packages for the needy.  They are to be kept in a safe place in the Tabernacle. The Storehouse Committee and the Charitable Committee work hand and hand to aid suffering humanity.